The INVESTABLE  Peer-Driven Cohort

What is the Investable Cohort all about?

What is it?

A group development program for early-stage entrepreneurs that uses a high-performance management technology framework that will change the way you operate your business.

Who is it for?

It is for early-stage entrepreneurs with companies that have product and/or market fit, and are working to achieve the other. Generally, companies will be post revenue and focused on growth.

How does it work?

Participants create 90-day plans (MOKRs). We work asynchronously using the Management Report (MR) technology. We meet weekly to leverage our collective networks & IQ.

The Investable Cohort is a structured, peer-to-peer mentoring cohort built on MOKRs.

Ready to be part of something special?

We are too. But first, we want to know more about you. Please answer a few questions in our application so we can see if you'd be a good fit for the program.

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It’s not an accelerator.

In the early stage, peer mentorship is more valuable than “expert mentors”.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the research on why peer mentoring is more valuable than “expert mentoring” in the early stage.

The Investable Cohort gives you a board of advisors of peer entrepreneurs (what we call the Collective IQ) while you’re building your business.

This isn’t Demo Day.

We don’t polish turds, we help great people doing great things. We care deeply about people and what they are up to.

Cohorts are about getting real show-stopping problems on the table, and enrolling high-performing people to help you solve them, move forward, and create value.

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MOKRs are your 90-day plan.

MOKRs answer the 3 key questions of effective execution:

  • Where do you want to go? (M = Mission, O = Objectives)
  • How will you know you’re getting there? (KR = Key Results)
  • What will you do to get there? (KR = Key Results)

MOKR stands for Mission, Objectives and Key Results. The MOKR framework is a proven way to create a roadmap for you and your business to live into to the future you see for yourself. At Investable we use MOKRs both within our business and also within our personal lives. This framework is powerful and it can be used to help you produce almost any outcome, business, personal, or otherwise.

MOKRs operate well on a 90-day cycle. This is long enough to make some major progress on a project, but short enough that the steps to completing the goal should be clear.

The MOKR Process

All the cools kids use the OKR framework

Are you ready to upgrade your management & execution skills?