MOKRs and Management Reports

Tracking and maintaining momentum in what you do from day to day and week to week in or startup can be exhausting, or even confusing if you’re not properly organized. …and even then, are you organized in the right way?

One way to sidestep this complication is to utilize a tool set called MOKRs and MRs. MOKR stands for Mission Objective Key Result, while MR stands for Management Report. You may be somewhat familiar with a form of MRs that give  weekly or monthly breakdowns of sales, and other statistics. The MR in the context of MOKRs does a bit more than that.

The MOKR system is all about calling your shots, swinging on them, and holding yourself accountable when you miss (and when you succeed, too). It’s also a great way to surface problems organically. Have a particular thing you’ve been trying to do for the past few weeks but just can’t get done? Iit because you don’t have the time, you’re avouiding it, or it’s more difficult than you realized. MRs help surface them over time.

The system relies on two parts: the MOKR, which is quarterly, and the MR, which is weekly. The MR is a set of weekly objectives you track against that would move your part of the businesess measurably forward. This may feel like a to-do list, but it’s more than that. Make sure the items are:

Measurable, concise, finite, and would move your business forward.

MRs are updated weekly, with progress tracked over time. The MOKR, on the other hand, is filled out quarterly, and focuses on three large-scope objectives of your section of the business. Think of it as a larger scope MR, really. Of course, large scope objectives take time to do, so so they’re broken up into smaller discrete chunks. Said chunks are the bits that are worked on week to week and are tracked in the MR.

If you’re working on something in your MR that doesn’t move your MOKR and your business forward, ask yourself if it really needs to be done. The answer can be yes; that’s okay. Things come up, or perhaps you didn’t plan your MOKR as well as you could have (…and that happens to the best of us). Whatever the reason, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just work to improve your tracking moving forward.

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