The Path Forward

Determining what steps to take moving forward can be daunting; particularly when there are several viable options. Some may even feel like comparing apples and pickup trucks. However: that is likely not the case. The outcomes may be vastly different, but they choices all still relate to how your business will operate moving forward.

If you’ve found yourself at such a crossroads, here are a few things to do to help with that decision.

  1. List out all (and I mean all) the decisions possible. From no change made to shutting it all down, list out each choice you could make. From there, map out the costs of each choice as well as the outcomes of each choice. Be as realistic as possible here, even if you’re pulling on unknown numbers.
  2. Compare the different options to what you and your team want out of the business. Want massive growth? Lean more toward that path.Actually tired of it all and wish to stop? Perhaps shut it all down. The important things here are being honest and weighing the options critically.
  3. Have an outside thought or two on the situation. Finding objective critique can be difficult (as friends and family want you to succeed), but give the list and possible choices a serious shakedown with other folks to make sure you aren’t completely up a tree with your assumptions and educated guesses.
  4. Sleep on it. Once all the decisions and outcomes have been mapped, think about it for afew days. Very rarely do you have to make a decision by the end of a given day. Let it rattle around in your head for a bit before deciding. Once you’re ready, though…
  5. Commit and act. Chase the choice made with fervor and without hesitation. Hesitation signifies possible incorrect choice for yourself (not bad, just something to notice), and should be re-evaluated. Go forth without (too much) fear and live into the choice you made for your business.

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